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The Knight of Redmond - Jennifer K. Clark 3.5 stars. First off I must say I love the cover of this book. The Knight of Redmond was an enjoyable read though not nearly as romantic as I was expecting. For the most part I really liked the main characters. Wren was perfect for a knight. I like that Lily was flawed and not perfectly beautiful. Before I get into my criticisms about the book, I do want to reiterate that I really liked it and enjoyed reading it despite the few things that bothered me.

My biggest problem with the story was the characterization of Lily. I liked her, but there were a few things about her that bothered me. First off I was a little disappointed that Lily was a bit of a weak character. In the beginning she seemed more worried about herself and getting where she desperately wanted to be than she was about the people whose homes were being burned and who were being killed. She hated the Redmonds for what they were doing, but to me she came across as a bit selfish because all she could think about was her plans being ruined. To be fair, I don't necessarily think this was the way the author wanted her to come across, it just happened that way. We do eventually see why she is so desperate to get away from where she was and I could sympathize with her, but her problems seemed small compared to what was happening in other parts of the kingdom.

Second, Lily cried too much for my liking. She cried every time she was in trouble. I don't know, maybe I would too if I was in those situations, but I didn't enjoy reading about someone who did. There is one point in the book where it looks like she will develop into a stronger character, and she does to an extent, but not as fully as she could have. Third, I couldn't believe that she would be able to hold her own in a sword fight after just a couple of lessons, even if she was a natural. Fourth, Lily also does something incredibly stupid near the end of the book that felt way too contrived.

A couple of other minor complaints are, none of the supporting characters are fleshed out well at all, and one just seemed like she was there to spur Lily on to doing a couple of stupid things. And the way Shadduck behaves right before he dies was in my opinion, not consistent with his character.

Despite those complaints for the most part this was a fun read, even though it could have been improved a bit. I liked the setting, and the back story on the kingdom was good. I was not expecting the twist with the King's guard. That was a nice surprise. I would recommend this if you like non magical historical fantasy type settings.