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The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories - R.A. Salvatore, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, David Duchovny, Ice-T, Al Yankovic, Michael Chiklis, Greg Grunberg, Tom Felton, Danny Pudi, Sean Astin, Melissa Rauch, Dan  Harmon I listened to this in the car while on vacation. Some of the stories were quite entertaining, while others were rather boring. The writing style was a bit lacking to me, without a whole lot of character development and there were also some fight scenes that could have been very exciting, but were completely dull because of the way they were written. However I am aware these are short stories that tie into several books which I have not read, so I'm not going to be too overly critical of them. Hopefully there is a lot more character development and detail put into the novels. Each story was narrated by a different person. I must say that Wil Wheaton is an excellent narrator. I also enjoyed Felicia Day and Sean Astin. There were a couple that just sort of droned on, and Melissa Rauch did a horrible high pitched squeaky voice for Cattie-Brie. Overall this was good and it was free.