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The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
I think this is the only review I've ever written that I hid the first line under a spoiler, but It's necessary so here goes:

So Dracula was a book worm, who would have thought. Well ok, he was a historian. I truly cannot believe that that is why Professor Rossi was taken and all those mysterious books were given to people. It's ridiculous enough to be funny.

While I like books that are rich in historic detail, I found that this one had too much of that in it. I began to feel like I was reading a history text book at times. I got really impatient and wanted to have the story move along at a faster pace. For me it seemed like every time the book would pick up pace, it would get bogged down again by another history lesson. I think more editing would have helped. The history parts were essential to the book and some of it was interesting, but there was just too much rambling on and on...and on.

It was a very long book, over 900 pages. I don't mind very long books. I've read quite a few of them, but I didn't feel like this one needed to be so long. Another thing I disliked about this book was the fact that every time something exciting started to happen I would get disappointed because it ended all too soon. I kid you not, at one point there were bad guys after two characters and then the point of view switched right in the middle of it. When we get back to the two characters they are somewhere else and no explanation is given to how they got away. It felt like the bad guys in the book were there to just mug for the camera so we wouldn't forget they were there and then leave so we could get back to all the history.

On the up side, I do think the idea of Dracula being real and alive, and the main character finding out she is descended from him was a good idea.