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The Broken Lake - Shelena Shorts 2 1/2 stars.
I thought it was okay. There was a lot missing. Nothing really happens in the book. There is a lot of perfect romance stuff with the perfect guy that I'm tiring of. Characters in books are much more interesting when they have flaws. The best part of the book was when we found out there was something Wes actually wasn't good at! That was the snow skiing. I really did have a good chuckle picturing Mr. Perfect wobbling around in a puffy jacket on skis.

There was a lot of Sophie trying to see how far she could push Wes to have sex with her in this one too, but of course he doesn't, because in most of the YA romance novels I've been reading the guys are always unbelievably able to keep saying no over and over, no matter what compromising positions they are put in, or put themselves in. It's so unrealistic.

There's a lot about fate, and soul mates, and how no one else is meant for each other the same way these two are, and no one else could possibly feel so strongly about each other. For me, maybe because I'm not a teen, it comes off as really blind and immature. There are other books that I've read that had these same elements in them, but other things happened in those stories to make them interesting and balance out the mushy gushy stuff.

Finally at the end of this book, something actually happens and we get cut off awkwardly in the middle of it. I don't mind cliff hangers, but when nothing really happens through a whole book and then you cut it off in the middle of something finally happening...that doesn't inspire me to want to read the next one. It just aggravates me because I feel manipulated into buying three books that could have just been one, or maybe (and that's a big maybe) two. I doubt I will be buying the third one. If I decide I really want to find out what happens next, I'll probably get it from the library.