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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - Stephenie Meyer I would give this one 2 1/2 stars.

I was hesitant to invest myself in a character I knew would die, but the story did provide insight via Bree's perspective. I did have my issues with the story though. Way too much of the story is devoted to newborns finding out the sun doesn't hurt them. I also have issues with the way vampires are described as stone in this series. The description of the vampires kissing making tapping noises like stone scraping on stone is ridiculous and lends a whole new perspective to what it must have been like for Bella to kiss Edward. How romantic and comfy can it be to kiss and cuddle with a rock? I liked the first book Twilight and as far as I can remember none of that stone stuff was mentioned in Twilight. I don't remember the concept of the vampires actually being like stone other than their skin sparkling, which I thought ridiculous too, until Eclipse. I could be wrong and my memory could be failing me, but if that had been mentioned in Twilight, it would have completely killed the romance in the book.

For me this was one of those series' that didn't have to be a series. I would have been perfectly fine with Bella turning into a vampire at the end of Twilight and that being the end of it. Instead, for me, it turned into one of those series' that twisted the original story too much and turned it into something less likable. I enjoyed New Moon, but could have done without it. In Eclipse Edward ended up being rather annoying. And Breaking Dawn jumped the shark big time.

Since there are all of these other books, it might would be nice if Stephenie would write a book about Fred (Fred? There are so many better names she could have come up with. It seems like it was just so she could call him Freaky Fred). It would need to be better than this one though.