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After Eventide - Catherine Olson This is a very strange story. There were times that I thought for sure the author was outright mocking young adult vampire novels with this book, but then it would go and take itself too seriously with the flashback sequences, which in my opinion were too sophisticated for the rest of the story. One example of what I mean by mocking other YA vampire stories would be the whole romance thing with Harold. It made me uncomfortable and my first thought was he was like a pedophile. He is 40 something in the book when he becomes a vampire. He is interested in a 15 year old girl. It was almost like the author was saying, "Yes this feels like pedophilia and so should all those other vampire stories. No matter what age the vampire looks, he's still way too old for that teen-aged girl." Two more examples of how this book seems to mock YA novels are one, the title, After Eventide. What is eventide? That's the same time of day as twilight right? And two, The name Harold. A lot of these vampire books choose old sounding names for the vampires in them, like Edward in Twilight. Well Harold is an old name too, just a bad sounding one. For the most part I don't think I ever fully took this story seriously. Harold was not likable to me and I thought Rain was down right stupid, but then like I said, at times the book almost felt like it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. It probably was, but I just didn't take it that way. I also didn't like the way it ended. It felt very abrupt. I don't know if the author intends to just leave it that way or write a sequel. I'm not sure if I would read one if she did. On the positive side of things, I did really enjoy the vampire lore in this story. It was different from most.