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Reached - Ally Condie While I liked this last book in the trilogy it didn't go the direction I was expecting at all. I was expecting more danger. More espionage or something as Cassia worked for the Rising and spied on the Society. None of that happened. Instead the danger came from a completely different source. This was a disappointment for me. The taking down of the Society seemed too easy. Of course later on we find out the reason behind that, but it didn't completely make sense to me.

There were still aspects of Reached that I really liked. I loved Cassia's absolute conviction that things would turn out good. However, I felt like I didn't really get any other feeling from her in this book. I didn't really feel her anguish the way I would have liked to through certain parts of the story. I did get plenty of that from Xander though. I was very happy with the way things ended up for Xander. There definitely could have been more romance and more time spent with Ky and Cassia together though.

Once again I enjoyed the poetry in the book and the power of words. I've gained some new favorites from reading this series. I also love Allie Condie's writing style. It's easy to read yet so poetic. I loved this paragraph on page 231:

"For a moment I'm tempted to stay here, hidden among the warren of shelves and rooms. I could go above ground now and then to gather food and paper, and isn't that enough to live on? I could write stories; I could hide from the world and make my own instead of trying to change it or live in it. I could write paper people and I would love them too; I could make them almost real."