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Revived - Cat Patrick 2.5 stars. Revived was quite different from what I was expecting. Based on the description and cover I expected it to be much more sinister. What I found was a mix of contemporary YA fiction and sci-fi. It felt like two different story ideas put into one book. I know this is the third book I've said that about in the last two weeks, but it's true.

A lot of the plot didn't really make sense to me. It was hard to believe that Daisy had died 5 times through pure accident. We are however left at the end with Daisy wondering if those deaths were all engineered instead of accidents, which I'm inclined to believe. And why keep moving when they could just pretend that she never died in the first place?

As another reviewer pointed out the science behind the story was flimsy and there was not enough information or background on the drug Revive and the whole secret government program involving it. And what made it any different from injecting someone with adrenaline?

The saving grace for this novel and the reason I'm adding a 1/2 star is the contemporary fiction aspect of it. The story added in about Daisy's friend Audrey and Audrey's brother Matt was unexpected and added real depth to the story. It alone would have been a very lovely novel. After reading that part of the book it just felt like the whole part of the story about Revive was unneeded. Overall I just don’t think the plot or story of the book were all that well thought out.