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Murder on Washington Square

Murder on Washington Square - Victoria Thompson Another enjoyable installment in the series; one thing I have noticed is that the mysteries in these books are pretty easy to figure out. I do wish Sarah and Malloy weren't so slow sometimes. At times, they just aren't very good at putting all the pieces together. Maybe it's just that I've read so much Anne Perry. I really think her books are a step above most mysteries in their cleverness.

The most enjoyable aspects of this series are the developing relationship between Sarah and Malloy, and Malloy's ongoing investigation into the murder of Sarah's husband. Its like watching one of those procedurals on TV where they solve the weekly crime while they have that one ongoing thread that keeps you watching all season, and the relationship between Sarah and Malloy kind of reminds me of Castle and Beckett from the show Castle. Especially because Frank is so annoyed that Sarah keeps tagging along and helping out with his cases.