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Fragments - Dan Wells It's been 8 months since I read Partials and I had been eagerly awaiting the release of this book ever since. I'm happy to report that Fragments was well worth the wait, Fragments is just as good as Partials. Once again there was plenty of action and some nice twists and turns. We get to see the story not just from Kira's perspective, but from Marcus's, Samm's, and a few others as well. I enjoyed the addition of the character Afa at first, but as the book went on I felt his character was somewhat wasted and even weighed the story down at times, at least until the conclusion Kira comes to about their treatment of him near the end of the book. I started to see his character a little differently after that, but honestly he just seemed like a plot device. I guess, in my opinion, that would be the weakest part of the story. The book ends with some of the characters making very difficult decisions and it is going to be hard to wait to find out what happens next.