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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand I haven't read many paranormal books about angels and haven't felt really drawn to them. I enjoyed Unearthly though and liked it, but didn't love it. I liked that there was no insta-love (Yay!). I like that she chooses the person she loves instead of it being some fixed destiny. The boy she falls for had a great personality once we got to know him and I thought their romance was really sweet. I liked the hints that something more is to come. There are definitely mysteries surrounding both her mom and brother and also her whole purpose thing and how it relates to Christian. The not so good things were: nothing much really happens in the book (I'm assuming more will happen in the next one); I pretty much figured out way early on in the book the thing that happens at the end when she goes to save Christian; I really didn't care for her friend Angela too much because I thought she was a bit too controlling. I considered reading the next book in the series, but after looking at the reviews decided I wasn't interested in continuing on. Mainly because it drifts into unnecessary love triangle territory.