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The Assassin and the Empire - Sarah J. Maas I knew this one was going to break my heart. That's why I put off reading these prequels for so long. We find out how Sam dies in this one. It's one thing to just read about someone who has died, but to get to know them and then have to lose them in the story is so much worse. This is truly a sad story and I could see it all unfolding even when Celaena and Sam couldn't. I was shouting at the characters in my head to not be so foolish, to realize what was going on, what was going to happen! I now have a better understanding of Celaena in the book Throne of Glass. I understand even more now why she had that meaningless flirtation with one of the characters in that book. It was much easier for her than to give her heart to someone again, and probably dulled the pain. Now that I have a new perspective I'm thinking about doing something that I rarely do, and that's re-reading a book. I'm going to have to at least re-read some of Throne of Glass now. Maybe it will lift the melancholy feeling I've got. I really don't do well with sad stories.