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Dragonswood - Janet Lee Carey I wish now that I had not waited so long to read this. I really enjoyed reading this author and have added a few other books by her to read. Dragonswood is a nice, cozy YA fantasy that even though predictable, kept me turning the pages late into the night. There was a touch of romance that I enjoyed and was clean enough to let my young teenage daughter read. My only complaint there is that I wish we could have felt more of what Garth was feeling. I was left guessing too much about his feelings. Some books you read and even though you don't get the other characters point of view you can still feel it through the writing.

I loved the epilogue. It seems there is room for another book, possibly about Jackrun. I would love that, but this story is also fine as a stand-alone. There is a companion book to this that was written before it that I have not read yet. It would be helpful to read it first to know exactly who the characters are from the past that this book references, but it is not necessary to read it first. I will be reading that one very soon.