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Girl Under Glass - Monica Enderle Pierce 2.5 stars. Girl under Glass is a dystopian, sci-fi blend and I loved the first half of it. The main character Rachel, reminded me of the mother in Not a Drop to Drink. She was a very strong, resourceful person in the first half of the book who was determined to protect her child. I enjoyed the bond she had with her daughter and I thought that was the best part of the book. Unfortunately in the second half of the book we are taken to a different setting and she is separated from her daughter, which puts a big hole in the story because they are separated for too long and the element of the book I liked best is missing. It feels like she just gives up and becomes a much weaker character at this point, and I had a hard time liking her. She is still very stubborn, but in the wrong way. She is pretty much reduced to a weepy, angry mess. And I get that she would probably be upset with Ehtishem for not telling her the whole story, but she took her distrust of him way too far.

I liked Ehtishem, whose name kind of sounds like a sneeze. He was patient, considerate, compassionate, and understanding of her emotional issues that were brought on by traumas in her past, and he believed in her. But I thought the romantic relationship happened kind of sudden. I saw that they had started to respect each other and maybe even the beginnings of love feelings were there, but then suddenly they weren't just sharing a first kiss, they were making love. I didn't feel like it or the next big love scene blended into the story too well. They both came on too sudden like they suddenly had an attack of hormones or something. None of the love scenes were overly graphic or anything, but the way they were written sort of felt like I got pulled out of the book I was reading and dropped into the middle of a romance novel. And why is it that characters in books/movies/TV go from point A to point B so quickly now? Can we not have them share just a sweet kiss or two first?

There were two villains in this book. The first was Cyrus. He is the leader of the compound they are imprisoned in. He and a few others that are called Elders were given instructions on how to lead and run the compound they are imprisoned in by the Alien race that took over the earth. But Cyrus has taken the instructions that were given to them to a twisted level. He has made himself a cult leader. I thought he was written very well. But I also thought that once Rachel left the compound he should have been left behind as well. Unfortunately he keeps reappearing at all the most opportune times throughout the rest of the book and I felt it was just unreal.

The second baddie in this book is the Alien leader. I think he should have been allowed to take over as the only villain in the second half of the book. I found him rather inept and not scary at all through most of it. He was too eclipsed by Cyrus, even if Cyrus ended up under his control.

One other thing that bothered me was near the end of the book when Rachel agreed to mark her face with a permanent type of tattoo that will denote her as Ehtishem's property. It was a pretty large tattoo that marked pretty much one whole side of her face. It was done to protect her, not because he wanted her marked as his property, but it still bothered me. Then after it's done and she has permanently marked her face, we pretty much find out that they did it for nothing because now it isn't going to protect her anyway! I just thought it was a needless part of the story and couldn't really see either of the characters going along with this idea. And maybe they could have just put a fake tattoo on her that would have fooled everyone into thinking she was marked, I'm not sure why they couldn't have thought of that. I also find it a weird coincidence that this is the second book in a row I've read where something like this is done to a woman's face.

Ultimately though, I would have to say my main gripe about this book is all the cursing. I can ignore quite a bit of cursing in a book, but I have issues with the use of a deity's name with the f word, and this was done quite a few times in this book. I know most people probably don't care, but it bothers me. Even if it wasn't Christ and it was some other deity, it would still bother me. I feel it's disrespectful and I think people should think about what they are saying, or in this case making a character in a book say.

The first half of this book was good enough for me to give it 4 stars. The second half made it a 3 star book. However, the use of so much cursing in the book was enough for me to take my rating down to 2 stars. There will be sequels to this, and I would like to know what happens next, but I haven't decided whether I will read more.