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Linked - Imogen Howson What I thought was going to be a paranormal about twins who shared some sort of psychic link turned out to be a space opera, which was a nice surprise. I liked that Lin was flawed and she should be after the life she lived, but I also liked that she learned and grew as well. There were no super inventive ideas in Linked, but I found it a compelling, easy read.

The book is set on a terraformed planet and there were several things about the world that I liked. There were the pod motels with the vending machines where you could buy all sorts of things. There were the showers that also had built in dryers in them, the desktop in the doctor’s office that could be written on like a note pad and then uploaded onto the computer and would disappear when not needed. I liked the moving walkways everywhere, and the spaceship made out of smart metal that could repair itself with spider bots, and the skycycles. I wish the characters would have had a reason to ride one though; maybe in the next book.