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Aeralis - Kate Avery Ellison Aeralis was mostly a good ending to the Frost Chronicles, although some of the things that happened seemed a little pointless. One thing in particular regarding someone's parent had no effect on the plot at all and was just a side thing added in. I like who Lia chooses, but I have mixed feelings about the epilogue. I didn't hate it like some people did, but didn't love it either. I liked the glimpse into what happened and how they had a family and who ended up with whom until I got to the end. That's where the mixed feeling come in. The epilogue reminded me a lot of the one in The Clockwork Princess. Lia marries Adam at the end of the book and we are told they have a family. Then when their oldest child is 20 Adam dies from pneumonia. Gabe never married and so she ends up marrying him after Adam dies. I think I would have preferred it if Gabe would have just moved on and found someone else to love and Adam would have grown old with Lia. I did love that Jonn and Ann fall in love and marry. Throughout the whole series I wanted happiness for him.