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Beware the Wild - Natalie C. Parker Update: Apparently this is no longer a stand-alone. There is now a companion novel that is coming out in February 2016. It looks like it will be focused on Sterling's best friend Candy.

3.5 stars. beware the Wild is a stand-alone which is great. Those seem harder and harder to come by in YA literature. I liked the combination of southern gothic and paranormal. The book did a good job of pulling me into the story and the town and the swamp were very well drawn. It was easy to picture the small Louisiana town, although I can't picture a town in Louisiana being called Sticks, simply because most of the town names are derived from French or Native American names and words. The reason this doesn't quite get 4 stars from me is because while I felt pulled into the setting of the book and enjoyed the story, I just didn't feel completely emotionally invested in it or the characters for some reason.