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Stolen Songbird - Danielle L. Jensen I absolutely loved Stolen Songbird. The twist on trolls was nice. they remind me more of fairies in this story They are not all ugly, only the ones who have inbred are. I loved that the protagonist is a singer, and it looks like we get to explore that side of her life a lot more in the next book, which I might add I am dying to read, but have to wait until next year until it's published! The ending just leaves you wanting more, which is pretty much how all of my favorite books are. The romance in this one is a slow burn, which I really loved. The tension between Cecile and Tristan was both wonderful and frustrating. There were a few times I was yelling at them in my head to just tell each other certain things. And what a tease this book is, every time I thought something would happen between them it didn't. I thought Cecile was, for the most part written very smart. There is just one thing she does somewhere around page 300 that I thought was incredibly stupid, but other than that I loved her. I loved Tristan as well. He was a complex character and I liked that. There are also a lot of good supporting characters. Not all of them are very well fleshed out, but they are still very likeable. One of the best YA books I've read this year.