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Push - Eve Silver While I enjoyed Rush and thought it was a cool idea, I didn't find it earth shatteringly great. I did enjoy it and felt it had a lot of potential to go somewhere really good. Going into this second book in the trilogy, I was hoping for more story development. Unfortunately the plot really doesn't move at all in this one. The Game, which is the most interesting thing about this series, takes a huge backseat to relationships in Push. I wanted more about the Drau and their motives, where they came from, the other reality, and how they are able to cross over into it. More things that would make them feel more sinister and less like cardboard cutouts. I never really felt much danger from the Drau in this book, and the fight scenes are not detailed enough for me. I wanted more about the committee, who they are and what drives them. Honestly, this book almost felt like a waste of time, save for one really interesting aspect that does develop somewhat in this book, concerning Jackson's sister. There is another really good cliffhanger at the end, but I haven't decided if I will continue on to the last book yet.