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The Young Elites - Marie Lu After reading The Young Elites I had to think about the way I felt about it for a while before I could rate or review it. I went into it a little unsure because the lead character is rather dark, I guess you would say an anti-hero. This is not usually my cup of tea, but I found myself really enjoying this book despite that. I was able to understand why Adelina is the way she is, but that didn't make me altogether like her. She practically wallows in being a victim which is why she is the way she is, and I just wanted her to get over it already and make herself a better person.

I got a little tired of reading about the way her father treated her. This is a theme I've read too many times before: the cruel, unloving father; the loving but dead mother; the seemingly perfect sister. The relationship Adelina had with her sister and the way she felt about her reminded me a little of Cruel Beauty. But while the main character in Cruel Beauty makes changes for the better, Adelina progressively gets worse in this book. In the end I'm not sure how I feel about her or any of the other characters in the book. None of them are real likable, but for some reason despite not feeling a solid connection to any of them I still really want to find out what happens to them. I was incredibly disappointed that Enzo died. I didn't necessarily like him any more than the others, but he was the love interest and I wanted to see where his story arch would go

One other small thing; the title of the book is kind of cheesy. It's what the group of malfettos with special powers are called in the book, but like another reviewer said, that title is too modern sounding and doesn't fit in with the style of the writing in the book. I think simply titling the book The Malfettos would have been a better title.