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Star Wanderers: Homeworld (Part IV)

Star Wanderers: Homeworld (Part IV) - Joe Vasicek This is the fourth book in a series a novelettes. There are 8 total, but the first 4 are the main story while books 5-8 are alternate points of view that tie into the main story. I chose to review books 1-4 together since they are rather serialized. I have not read books 5-8 yet, but will probably get to those later.

I found this series quite enjoyable. The main character Jeremiah was very likeable and in my opinion, in some ways kind of a fresh perspective on a male character. The way his character was written was very respectful of women and I liked that. He was very much concerned about being responsible and doing the right thing. He certainly could have taken advantage of the situation with Noemi, but he was respectful of her as a person. The fact that this was written by a man made it even better. It was a sweet, clean romance in a space opera setting.

I liked that Jeremiah went through all the confused and uncertain feelings that can come with falling in love, becoming a father, understanding the opposite sex, and communicating with the person you love, in his case made even more difficult by a language barrier. I did feel like Jeremiah and Noemi could have put a lot more effort into learning each other's languages though.

These books tell a very simple, straight forward story. That isn't really a bad thing in general, but at this point in my reading life I personally need a story to be more complex for me to give it 4 stars, which is why I gave this one 3. I do think this author has a lot of promise as he continues to hone his writing skills and I look forward to reading more from him.