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Good Tidings - Terri Reid In Good Tidings Mary is visited by the ghost of a 6 year old boy who wants her to help him find his kidnapped baby brother. Just like the last book, there is the main mystery, and we get another side mystery. To be honest neither of these are really mysteries. The bad guys are pretty much just laid out for us and we are left figuring out the why behind it. There is some suspense while this goes on, but anyone going into this series thinking they are going to read a challenging mystery with lots of twists and turns will be sorely disappointed. The real mystery so far of both of these books is the one surrounding Bradley's missing wife. We still don't know exactly what happened to her. Although we do learn in this book that she is dead, because Mary sees her ghost.

Mostly I did not like this book as much as I liked the first one. This one lacked some of the charm the other book had and wasn't as funny, mainly because they leave the small town and spend most the book in Chicago. There is a loose end left in this book that seemed kind of pointless to the plot, I'm not sure why Bradley got the phone call about the ex-con he put away getting out and gunning for him, it was never made a part of the plot of this book and just felt like a loose thread that didn't need to be there. but maybe that will be continued at a future point in the series.

I still have the same complaints about this book that I had about the last one about Mary not being believable enough as an ex-cop and doing things that don't seem consistent with the way an ex-cop would think or act. Why does she even have a gun? I have no idea, she never uses it. And her over protective brothers really got on my nerves in this one. I do like that Bradley can see and hear the ghosts when he is touching Mary and the added discovery that he seems to neutralize them when he is near her made it more interesting, but it kind of felt like the author added that for convenience to the story. It would be interesting to explore the relationship Mary and Bradley have concerning the ghosts and why they affect each other the way they do around them.

I can see how this series could get old fast if the author doesn't step up the mystery aspect of it or add some new element to it. It could end up being very repetitive. I'll stick it out for at least one more book though or until we find out what happened to Bradley's wife.